In Memory

By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Felix Cotts (Deceased 2011)  
Leon Greene Jr. (Deceased 2007)  
Laura Hall (Anseth) (Deceased 2017)
Ricky Johnson (Deceased 2004)  
Dena Keckler (Deceased 2000)  
Joey Knopp (Deceased 2013)  
Timmy Knopp (Deceased 2006)  
Lisa LaDue (Deceased 2003)  
Jeff McCue (Deceased 1994)  
Sandy McGaughy (Deceased Year Unknown)
Humberto Medina (Deceased 2005)  
Oziel Enrique Ortiz (Deceased Year Unknown)
Joel Overstreet (Deceased 1983)  
Pam Phillips (Deceased 2014)  
Arthur Robinson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Iva Smiddy (Potter) (Deceased 2012)  
Troy Smith (Deceased 2013)  
Kimberly Vargas (Deceased 1994)  
Rosanna Venecia (Deceased 1988)  
Kevin Waite (Deceased 2011)  
Mark Williams (Deceased Year Unknown)

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